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Hugues Massicotte
Ecosystem Science and Management Program

Current Students and Research Personnel

Dr. Juan-Carlos Lopez-Gutierrez, Research Associate

Ms. Linda Tackaberry, Research Associate: Email Linda

Ms. Rebecca Bowler, Research Assistant (with Dr. Art Fredeen)

Mr. James Jones, Undergraduate thesis (with Dr. Art Fredeen)

Former Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Brian Pickles, Post-doctoral Fellow (now at UBC-Okanagan)

Dr. Susan Robertson (Ph.D. 2008), currently post-doc at U of Toronto

Dr. Nabla Kennedy, Post-doctoral Fellow (with Dr. K. Egger)

Ms. Monika Gorzelak (M.Sc. 2008), currently Research Associate at UBC-Okanagan: Email Monika

Ms. Irene McKechnie (M.Sc. 2009), currently Ph.D. program at UoOttawa

Mr. Scott Scholefield (M.Sc. 2007)

Mr. Cameron Wagg (M.Sc. 2007), currently Ph.D. program in Zurich

Mr. Pat McMechan (B.Sc. ), currently in Revelstoke

Ms. Jennifer Catherall (M.Sc. 2004), currently in Quesnel