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Research Interests


Our lab is interested in post-transcriptional regulation of mammalian gene expression, in particular, on how a group of enzymes called endoribonucleases degrade mRNAs and influence the overall biology of gene expression.  In addition to understanding the basic biochemical processes of mRNA degradation, we are also interested in using these enzymes and their properties for the treatment of human diseases.  We have recently purified and characterized two endoribonucleases that are capable of degrading c-myc mRNA in vitro.  We have named these enzymes, PAC-1 (polysome-associated c-myc CRD endonuclease) and PAC-2.  Current focuses of our lab include: (1) determining the RNA sequence and structure requirements for cleavage by these enzymes, (2) characterizing the interaction between these enzymes and CRD-BP, an RNA-binding protein, (3) mapping the catalytic domain and studying protein structure/function relationships, and (4) understanding the biological role of these enzymes in cells and animals.




Ph.D., Molecular Cell Biology, Flinders University, AUSTRALIA; 1992.

B.Sc. (Hons I), Biochemistry/Physiology, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA; 1988.





Dept of Advanced Therapeutics, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC, CANADA; 1997-1998.

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA; 1996-1997.

Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA; 1991-1996.





Associate Professor: Department of Chemistry, UNBC; 2003-present.

Affiliate Associate Professor: Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, UBC; 2004-present.

National Cancer Institute of Canada Research Scientist; 2002-2008.

Visiting Scholar: Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, USA; 2003.

Assistant Professor: Department of Chemistry, UNBC; 1999-2003.

Term Assistant Professor: Department of Chemistry, UNBC; 1998 - 1999.





Published Articles:

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Articles Submitted or In Preparation:

Bergstrom K, Lee CH. Evidence for two distinct endoribonucleases capable of cleaving coding region determinant of c-myc mRNA in vitro


Bergstrom K, Urquhart J, Tafech A, Lee CH. Characterization and purification of PAC-2, a mammalian polysome-associated endoribonuclease that degrades c-myc mRNA in vitro


Bergstrom K, Urquhart JC, Tafech A, Lee CH. PAC-2, a mammalian polysome-associated endoribonuclease that degrades c-myc mRNA in vitro is a SNAP receptor protein.


Lee CH, Rehaume V, Shandro J. Identification of in vivo P-glycoprotein mRNA decay intermediates in normal liver but not in liver tumours.


Tafech A, Mills F, Bergstrom K, Lee CH.  Identification of RNA sequences and structures involved in site-specific cleavage of coding region determinant of c-myc mRNA by PAC-2.



Courses Taught:


CHEM 204 -                          Biochemistry I (Introductory Biochemistry)

CHEM 221 -                          Organic & Biochemistry Lab

CHEM 306 -                          Biochemistry II (Intermediary Metabolism)

CHEM 307 -                          Biochemistry III (Proteins & Nucleic Acids)

CHEM 308 -                          Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Lab

CHEM 405/605 -                  Topics in Biochemistry (Basic Science of Oncology)

CHEM 405 -                          Topics in Biochemistry (Biochemistry of RNA)

CHEM 499 -                          Independent Study/Research Project

CHEM 705 -                          Cell Culture & Cell Biology Techniques (Practical & Theory)

CHEM 699 -                          Protein Purification (Practical & Theory)

CHEM 699 -                          Bioinformatics (RNA & Protein)

MCPS 705 -                          Molecular Biology